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Subaru Driving Experience!

Slip Across the Mud in a Subaru Driving Experience

If slipping and sliding across the mud at speeds far greater than your average car can even subaru experience daydream about with the wheels spinning in the mud sounds like your idea of a great day out, then you should love the adventure of a Subaru driving experience. This is one time you'll be able to go full throttle and not face a speeding ticket whilst making the vehicle as filthy as humanly possible at the same time.

Subaru Experiences - Best Prices!

Drive a Subaru rally car in a Subaru driving experience!

You'll learn all about Subaru control techniques from a professional Rally driver who will also make sure you know all the safety issues that you may need to know for driving the vehicle plus some rally techniques. The great thing about the Subaru is its "all wheel drive" technology which affords much greater traction on the road – or off it! This means that there are no worries about how fast you are going the only thing you need to be concerned about is getting up speed, making the turns and feeling those wheels slide across the gravel as the dirt sprays up into the air. What a ride! Just make sure your helmet's on correctly and you're strapped in tight!

Racing cars, even the super cars are usually built with a minimalist approach so you're driving a vehicle that isn't usually seen on the road, and is far lighter to handle than an average car. With the Subaru however you're going to be going high speed with a vehicle that's got some substance to complement its speed. If you've ever had a yearning to just put your foot down on the motorway and then thought twice about it because of the increasing number of speed cameras, a Subaru driving experience is the perfect antidote. Compared with a speeding ticket you'd get for hitting even a slightly higher than allowed speed on the motorway, the adventure of spending a day driving the Subaru as fast as you can make it go is actually very cost effective. Plus you get the thrill of taking on the car, the course and your nerves, all of which adds up to an exhilarating day out!

Subaru Driving Experiences - The Best Rally Driving Challenge!

For many men sitting at the helm of a very powerful motor car is a wonderful dream, but nowadays it is a lot easier to turn dreams into reality with a wealth of driving experiences. If you have ever fancied yourself screaming the tyres of a Subaru Impreza with a Fiat-four engine round a national race track, then get yourself together and book the Subaru driving experience. There is a wide choice of venues from Stratford on Avon to Tyne and Wear so there is bound to be one not too far from you.

You need to be at least 18 and hold a full UK or European driving licence in order to participate and the Subaru experience may not be suitable for anyone with a disability. The experience may not be suitable for you if you are above a certain height or weight because of the vehicle capacity.

The Subaru experience takes place between March and November on selected days and weekends, once you have purchased your voucher find the date and time that best suits for you to have the experience. The experience usually lasts between one and two hours, after welcomes and introductions you will be given an in car briefing and demonstration by a qualified instructor. You’ll be instructed in vehicle handling techniques while you are on the track. Following your instruction, you’ll have the experience of driving yourself and feeling the true power of the Subaru. Your drive will be followed by an exciting trip around the course with your qualified instructor driver, a real, hang onto your seat trip. At the end of the experience there will be a short debriefing and a written driver analysis from your instructor – so you will know how well you did. Finally, you will receive a certificate as a remembrance of a great driving experience.

  • Brands Hatch
  • donington
  • knockhill
  • silverston
  • goodwood

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Race-Tracks Thruxton Goodwood Silverstone Silverstone Donington Park Donington Park Knockhill Knockhill Brands Hatch Thruxton Rockingham Rockingham


New driving experience locations:
Rockingham (Northants) ; Knockhill (Fife) Chobham (Kent); Oulton Park (Cheshire); Prestwold Hall (Leicestershire); Three Sisters (Lancashire); Elvington (Yorkshire); Mallory Park (Midlands - Leics); and now one in Wales: Anglesey circuit; Snetterton (Norwich, Norfolk)

When you book your car driving experience you'll probably find you can make a weekend away of it, especially if it takes a few hours to get there! Click here to find a hotel near a racetrack now.