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Monster Truck Driving Experiences!

Have you always wanted to feel the crush of metal beneath your feet? Have you ever wondered monster truck experience how it would feel to drive a huge truck over a car? Sign up for a monster truck driving experience and have the opportunity to find out first hand how it feels to do this in a vehicle that has the power and weight to crush a daily driver like you would a paper bag!

Monster Truck Driving Experiences - Best Prices!

Were you that kid that slammed his trucks into walls at home? Did you drive them over smaller cars? Maybe you get a kick out of watching monster trucks on television or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to see them live in action. If this sounds like you or someone you know, a monster truck experience is going to be a blast!

Why Monster Truck Gift Vouchers?

Feel the power as you start the roaring engine, and look out of the truck to see everything around you appear as if they are in miniature as you tower above them. Before you get in one of these “Big Man Toys” however you’ll be informed about the safety of the vehicle together with any rules or regulations that you must adhere too. Once that’s done, buckle up and enjoy the feel of the vehicle as you drive firstly over terrain so you get the feel of the vehicle, after all we wouldn’t want you to flip the monster truck on your first time out. Remember the size of these trucks, a 6’6” suspension can take a bit of getting used to!

Once you've found your wheels however you’ll quickly want to graduate on to manoeuvring around obstacles and crushing cars beneath you.

A monster truck driving experience is a power trip to satisfy anyone with a thirst for destruction. With the tools to smash over any cars (or anything else in its wake) your monster truck is going to really let you call the shots! It’s an experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life – and it could be the thrill of a lifetime if it wasn't for the fact that you’ll probably be itching to do it again soon!

Monster Truck Driving Experience in detail...

In the minds of many alpha males, driving a huge truck is something that really separates the men from the boys. There is nothing quite like being behind the wheel of such a powerful vehicle and it something that most males, from three to seventy three would like to have a go at some day. Well, for anyone over the age of eighteen, yes, even those without a full licence but with some driving experience, there is the chance to get behind the wheel of a monster truck. If you can't afford to treat yourself to a driving experience then wait for a birthday and ask for a monster truck gift voucher so you can take part in a monster truck driving experience.

Give yourself a chance to feel like the king of the road when you climb into the cab of a monster truck for the first time. You get a voucher that is valid for ten months from the purchase date, which gives you plenty of opportunity to book a date and time that is convenient for you to get to the venues spread accross the UK. When you book your monster truck experience there are three different monster trucks to try out so you should have an absolute whale of a time.

When you arrive at the venue you'll be introduced to the vehicles you are going to drive and then given a safety briefing and you will then get some driving time in each of the vehicles. The vehicles that you will drive include, among others, the Hi-Lux Euro Spec beast. This is a fantastic way to get a super charged off road experience in a stacked up jeep, a raised Daihatsu and the Hi-Lux as you drive them over different, purpose built terrains. This is a once in a lifetime experience where you can join the ranks of all those men who have driven monster trucks and loved it!

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  • knockhill
  • silverston
  • goodwood

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Race-Tracks Thruxton Goodwood Silverstone Silverstone Donington Park Donington Park Knockhill Knockhill Brands Hatch Thruxton Rockingham Rockingham


New driving experience locations:
Rockingham (Northants) ; Knockhill (Fife) Chobham (Kent); Oulton Park (Cheshire); Prestwold Hall (Leicestershire); Three Sisters (Lancashire); Elvington (Yorkshire); Mallory Park (Midlands - Leics); and now one in Wales: Anglesey circuit; Snetterton (Norwich, Norfolk)

When you book your car driving experience you'll probably find you can make a weekend away of it, especially if it takes a few hours to get there! Click here to find a hotel near a racetrack now.